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USD 369,160 / AWG 657,105
726 2 2
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This 50 apartment luxury condominium is located in the Noord area only 2km away from Aruba's most famous beaches. If you're looking to invest in an apartment, this condominium is a perfect opportunity to get your money's worth while. The complex is being build under a horizontal property concept, which will allow you to enjoy all common areas and also making it a 100%  inheritable and transferable property. It's an exclusive project in a profitable geographic location with excellent and comfortable facilities that will help the return of your investment in a short term period. 

There are 6 apartments available in the first floor and 6 on the ground floor,

Each apartment has a:

  • Semi Furnished 
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms 
  • Large closets 
  • Porcelain floors all around
  • Kitchen will have full granite top details
  • Inverter Air Conditioning System 
  • Water saving system; meaning, using the condensation product of the air conditioners towards the irrigation system.
  • Free height of 2.90 meters in the apartment, to generate comfortable and elegant environment.
  • Divisions and walls with structural blocks 
  • Independent general electric system 
  • Glass facades in main rooms made of aluminum and Italian hardware.
  • And most important private Parking space 

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  • Property Type:
    Condominium for Sale
  • Area:
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms:
  • Year build:
  • Lot size:
    85 m2
  • Build up size:
    88 m2
  • Furnished:
  • Air-conditioned:
  • Pool:
  • Outbuilding size:
    3 m2


  • Water Saving System
    Water saving system, using the condensation product of the air conditioners in the irrigation system.
  • Inverter Air Conditioning
    Central air conditioning system per apartment with inverter technology for greater efficiency in energy consumption.
  • Reception and Administration Area
  • Elevators and Staircase Area
  • Kids Pool, Adult Pool, Lap Pool, Showers & Sauna
  • Relax Zone and Grill Area
  • Gym & Walk Way
  • Kids Playground

Floor Plan



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