Newsletter July 2018

What's Happening in Aruba 
Aruba Hi-Winds
July was a busy month for us at Re/Max Aruba, but some of us also took the time to check out the island annual amateur wind-surfing event called Aruba Hi-Winds, which took place from July 3-9, and it was as amazing as ever! This is one event that not only benefits but depends on those wonderfully strong trade winds always blowing across the island. And, of course, it’s not just windsurfing anymore because kiteboarding has become just as popular, and there’s even a fun run/walk and a mountain bike race for good measure. It’s definitely a must-see event that takes place every July at Hadicurari Beach, the Fishermen’s Huts, not far from the Rizt-Carlton resort. Mark your calendars now to attend in 2019! 
Aruba Symphony Festival
On a very different “note,” the island also just wrapped up its 10-day Aruba Symphony Festival (ASF), an annual event that brings together world-class musicians from all over the world to give lots of concerts all around the island for everyone to enjoy as well as to give the youth musicians of Aruba a chance to work and perform with these professional musicians in the ASF Academy. 

Re/Max Aruba News
We are very pleased to announce that Arturo Ariza has joined the hard-working Re/Max Aruba team to help guide people when it’s time to buy, rent or sell a property here in Aruba. We look forward to seeing him in action and he’s definitely ready to help YOU! 
Another Miracle Home SOLD!
Congratulations to hardworking agent Edwin Hekman for selling another Miracle Home! The sale of Savaneta 107-B means both the seller and Re/Max Aruba will make donations to the Casa Cuna home for children in need! Learn more about our Miracle Home program on our website at

Featured Listings 
Papaya 7-A is a lovely 3-bedroom 3-bathroom home located in a quiet neighborhood of the north-central part of Aruba. This well-maintained two-story home features 2,400+ square feet of living space that includes a large balcony, lovely gardens and a bonus 1-bedroom 1-bathroom apartment with its own laundry room. Listed for USD $247,191 (AWG 440,000). Interested? Call Jacqueline at +297 743-9971 and see more photos and details on the Re/Max Aruba website at
Tanki Leendert 60-J Apartment Complex has FIVE units for rental income, including two 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartments, one 2-bedroom 1-bathroom apartment, a studio apartment with bathroom and one more apartment for the caretaker of the property. Each unit has an open porch and private garden, and there’s a lovely pool as well! Listed for USD $447,000 (AWG 795,660). Interested? Call Bibi at +297 569-7343 and see more photos and details on the Re/Max Aruba website at
Safir Villa 76 is a lovely 4-bedroom 2-bathroom home featuring 1,100 square feet of living space, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and a back yard with large covered porch, gazebo and many tropical trees including Bananas, mangos, figs and more, just ten minutes from Palm Beach! Listed for USD $299,000 (AWG 532,220). Interested? Call Edith at +297 748 6885 and see more photos and details on the Re/Max Aruba website at
Malmokweg 22-U is a stunning 4-bedroom 2.5-bathroom villa featuring nearly 2,900 square feet of living space on a large lot in the highly desirable neighborhood of Malmokweg. Sliding glass doors lead from the living room to the large covered patio with solar panels, lovely pool and Jacuzzi. There is also an attached addition with office, bedroom and bathroom, as well as a separate guest house that could be used for rental income. There’s enough gated parking for 3 cars and a large boat. This property really has it all! Listed for USD $695,000 (AWG 1,237,100). Interested? Call Edwin at +297 592 2506 and see more photos and details on the Re/Max Aruba website at
Kamay #80 is a 4-bedroom 3-bathroom home that is a brand-new listing. Located just a few minutes east of Palm Beach in the lovely and quiet neighborhood of Kamay, it features a covered two-car garage, beautiful pool and gazebo. Stay tuned for more details! Listed for USD $450,000 (AWG 801,000), this is a great investment property to rent out to visiting tourists! Interested? Call Desi at +297 739-9191 and see the initial listing page on the Re/Max Aruba website at


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