Pieter Breughelstraat 6

519 3 2


This 2 story house, built on 456 m2 Private Property is very central situated, adjacent on the left side of the Courthouse. It is ideal as an office for any company or a Lawyers office. The ground floor has an area that can be used as waiting room for the reception, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a private office space. On the second floor which is accessible from the outside staircase has 2 bedroom, a living and dining area, a kitchen and a balcony overlooking the Courthouse. Totalling 160 m2. On property located in the left back part you will encounter a 19 m2 Apartment with a bathroom and small kitchen that can be rented out or used as an additional office or storage space.


  • Property Type:
    Residential for Sale
  • Area:
  • Bedrooms:
  • Bathrooms:


  • Location
    It is perfectly and centrally located next to Aruba's Courthouse in Oranjestad
  • Income generating
    Separate apartment is income generating. It is ideal to be rented to single students or/and can be used as storage

Floor Plan



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